Monday, December 22, 2008


- Shankar Lamichhane

Keep forever now
My footprints as souvenirs -
I am on my way to the valley now.
I'm so very grateful
You have carpeted my trails with gold-leaves;
I am so very grateful
That you flowered the rocks with orchids.
Please remember
Some one came to scale
Your heights and depths
And had heart enough
To possess you.
And remember
He stood in the middle of the bridge
And cut his heart in two
With the blades of your stream;
While the trees around
Waved their branches
Like someone's hands
Waving farewell.
And his heart weighed
The stones he was stepping upon;
Each step
That increased the distance
Of separation !

November 26, 1960


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۩ शङ्कर-साहित्य र नेपाली साहित्यको निबन्ध-यात्रालाई गति दिन तपाईँको गाली र ताली हामीलाई अत्यावश्यक छ, कृपया यसमा आफ्नो राय लेख्‍नुस्---